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"Before finding the website, I was completely lost in my Organic Chemistry course. I'm a good student, but this class and the corresponding textbook were simply overwhelming. After buying the Notes, I've seen my grades increase dramatically. All of my friends are using notes from Organic Chemistry Notes too. Very happy I found this site!"  -- Kim H.

"Who would want yet another source of o-chem material? That's what I was thinking at first: I have ENOUGH o-chem crap to study! A textbook, tons of my OWN notes, worksheets, problem sets, old quizzes/exams, etc. Well, after buying the full course version of Organic Chemistry Notes, that's all I needed. Everything else became obsolete. Thanks guys!"  -- Sara K.

"Unbelievably helpful. The fact that they are handwritten is very helpful in showing the arrow-pushing by the way. I no longer use my textbook. Saves me so much reading! I'd sell the book if my prof. didn't assign problem sets from the back of each chapter."  -- Jason S.

"I'm a pre-med student at [university's name removed] and with more than 400+ students in my O-Chem lecture, the curve is very competitive. When I was a freshman in General Chem, I always heard that O-Chem was the "weeder course" for students who wanted to go to Med. School. Now I know why. I kept getting B after B and I was sick of it. So, I googled "Organic Chemistry Notes pdf" and found your Notes. You have no idea how much you've helped me. I ended up getting an A and now I'm wondering when/if you'll ever have Biochemistry Notes?? LOL. Thanks again."  -- Han N.

"A friend mentioned Organic Chemistry Notes because he knew I had a D+ in the second-semester of my Organic Chem course. He's not taking ochem but he used "General Chemistry Notes" from your sister site at I finished the semester with an A-. Granted the D+ was my grade very early in the semester, so I had a lot of time to catch up, but I wouldn't have gotten an A- without using your O-chem Notes. I think my grades improved because I didn't have to take notes in lecture anymore. All I had to do was LISTEN -- so much easier to retain the important info from class!!"  -- Rebecca P.

"I'm a visual person and a visual learner, so I thought all of the organic molecules and organic structures would make it easier for me to learn Organic Chemistry as compared to General Chem. Um, WRONG... Sooooooo many reactions to learn. Your guys' O Chem Notes made it much easier for me. Without the Notes, there's no way I would have enrolled in the second-semester of O Chem. So, thanks."  -- Dieter G.

"I'm a college athlete and don't have much time to devote to my Organic Chemistry class. Organic Chemistry Notes is the ONLY reason I passed Chem 140A and Chem 140B."  -- Mark T.

"Seemed kind of scary at first: not taking notes in class when all the other o-chem students are busy scribbling away, but after reading sections 5 and 6 (my initial purchases) of Organic Chemistry Notes, that's exactly what I did. Heck, I even stopped reading my Organic Chemistry [text]book too. Sold it for way more $$ than I spent on Organic Chemistry Notes by the way. Hehe. Funny thing is this: I just used your Notes instead of reading hours and hours of difficult textbook material, and when you include the fact I was no longer taking lecture notes, I was able to boost my grade to an 'A' WHILE doing less work."  -- Aarif S.

"Let me be an example of why you will benefit from Organic Chemistry Notes:

Before buying the Notes = was putting in (literally) about 12 hours/week of studying -- C+ grade

After buying the Notes = put in roughly 4 hours/week of studying -- A- grade (no lie!!)"  -- Aiko F.

"Some advice: buy either the entire first semester, the entire second semester, or the full course. It'll save you a ton of money. Cuz if you buy one section for $6.99, you're gonna want to buy every single section. These Notes are UNREAL..."  -- Shawn L.